• Yoyosaurus

    deck I made in 5 minutes:

    4 toestabber

    4 madcap

    4 highlands rogue

    4 sahrg

    4 bladedance rogue

    4 harpy huntress

    4 carefree orc

    4 glauce

    4 burbo

    4 harpy embermage

    4 vylon

    4 torch

    2 pyroblast

    the goal of the deck is to kill your opponent as quickly as possible. You probably won't survive past turn 5, so you have to try and get in as many attacks as you can before then.

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  • StarkHunter

    No anime

    August 13, 2017 by StarkHunter

    No anime for this game is quite off. I wished there was an anime.

    But then, how would have it proceeded? Who would have played with these cards(us, of course). . . like how would all the game mechanics would have worked in real life. Ideas? List them out!

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  • Kuro-kun


    March 16, 2017 by Kuro-kun

    This wiki is still relatively new and doesn't have much information on the game itself, but for now let's focus on stuff that we can add.

    3/20/2017- Created a very basic one, will add one that has the curves ;) 3/22/2017- Waiting for custom Javascript to be enabled.

    Correct me if I am wrong, the Vanguard wiki enables its navigation bars to be collapsible and organized via the common.js page, so we can kinda borrow their code :P

    I made the navigation templates for the booster pack and trial decks already. May have to edit them after the coding is set in place.

    • Logo
    • Site Background
    • Navigation Menu
    • Booster Packs/Trial Decks
    • Main Page
    • Categories

    PS. It seems that most of the illustrators don't seem to have any online profiles..

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