A Booster Pack is a set of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy- cards that are released and designed for use together. Cards in Booster Packs are bought in packs, each containing eight cards including at least one card of R or higher rarity.

There are 20 packs in a box (or display) and 16 boxes in a case. Each case has one "god pack", a pack containing 2 RR cards (including one foil) and 6 R cards, and one SCR card.

List of Booster Packs

Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy- Sets and Decks
Booster Packs BT01 Rally to WarBT02 Oath of BloodBT03 Gears of Apocalypse
Trial Decks TD01 Shadow LegionTD02 Mystical HuntersTD03 Alpha Dominance
TD04 Reaper's GiftTD05 Nature's Wrath
Promos Promos
Demo Decks Demo Deck

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