Booster Pack Vol. 4: Surge of Titans is the fourth Booster Pack of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-.


There are a total of 80 cards (RR: 10 / R: 20 / U: 20 / C: 30) Each pack will contain 8 cards and each display contains 20 packs.

Card No. Name Type Color Rarity
DB-BT04/001 Lothien, Sunscale Punisher Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT04/002 Lyssandra, Angel of Fervor Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT04/003 Baldr, Faith's Champion Creature Yellow R
DB-BT04/005 Lord Hector of the Holy Legion Creature Yellow R
DB-BT04/007 Rousing Angel Creature Yellow R
DB-BT04/009 Augmented Responder Creature Yellow U
DB-BT04/010 Signal Rider Creature Yellow U
DB-BT04/012 Distressed Fighter Creature Yellow C
DB-BT04/014 Knight of the Sanctuary Creature Yellow C
DB-BT04/016 Enervate Spell Yellow C
DB-BT04/017 Dirge, the Corrupted Creature Green RR
DB-BT04/018 Scourgelord Turannos Creature Green RR
DB-BT04/019 Astragalus, Broodlord Creature Green R
DB-BT04/020 Bane, Venom's Lament Creature Green R
DB-BT04/021 Medeina, Merciful Warden Creature Green R
DB-BT04/023 Arbor Ranger Creature Green U
DB-BT04/025 Dragonling Caretaker Creature Green C
DB-BT04/027 Worldspirit Angel Creature Green C
DB-BT04/030 Gaea Lord's Invocation Spell Green U
DB-BT04/031 Ferocious Rebuke Spell Green U
DB-BT04/032 Galvanize Spell Green C
DB-BT04/034 Khione of the Blizzard Creature Blue RR
DB-BT04/035 Borrhas, Winter's Grasp Creature Blue R
DB-BT04/036 Hyperstatic Serpent Creature Blue R
DB-BT04/038 Oricius, the Stormwinged Creature Blue R
DB-BT04/039 Captivating Technician Creature Blue U
DB-BT04/042 Agent of Advancement Creature Blue C
DB-BT04/043 Augmented Sprite Creature Blue C
DB-BT04/044 Fay Pilferer Creature Blue C
DB-BT04/045 Purifier Sprite Creature Blue C
DB-BT04/046 Masterful Strategem Spell Blue U
DB-BT04/048 Paralyze Spell Blue C
DB-BT04/049 Scorian, the Deathless Flame Creature Red RR
DB-BT04/052 Bloodtalon, Aerial Assault Leader Creature Red R
DB-BT04/053 Randgriz, Angel of Ferocity Creature Red R
DB-BT04/055 Hailfire Gunner Creature Red U
DB-BT04/057 Goblin Gatecrasher Creature Red C
DB-BT04/058 Furious Shrieker Creature Red C
DB-BT04/059 Malevolent Darkcaller Creature Red C
DB-BT04/061 Goblin Eviscerator Creature Red C
DB-BT04/062 Focused Assault Spell Red U
DB-BT04/063 Fiery Demise Spell Red U
DB-BT04/065 Xevios, the Thundering Night Creature Black RR
DB-BT04/066 Enarach, the Scavenger Creature Black RR
DB-BT04/068 Greenskinned Basher Creature Black R
DB-BT04/069 Lachrande Gurn, the Grotesque Creature Black R
DB-BT04/073 Cantankerous Patrician Creature Black C
DB-BT04/074 Manipulator of Souls Creature Black C
DB-BT04/076 Mortified Axeman Creature Black C
DB-BT04/078 Soulsiphon Spell Black U
DB-BT04/079 Albert's Gift Spell Black U