Color is a fundamental characteristic that cards and dice have. Each color has a certain playstyle and mechanics unique to itself.

While playing a card by resting cards in your resource zone, at least one of the resources used must have the same color as the card being played. Ambushes will not trigger unless you have a banner that shares a color with it. Cards may require specific color dice for effects, such as Dragocross effects, and effects such as Assassin or Immune may check the color of cards on the field.

There are five colors in Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-, each with a corresponding nation.

Gameplay of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-
Colors Yellow (Logres) ● Green (Tir Na Nog) ● Blue (Olous) ● Red (Tauris) ● Black (Niflheim)
Card Types CreatureSpellBanner
Phases Start phase (Stand stepDice stepDraw stepResource step)
Main phaseCombat phaseEnd phase
Zones Dice zoneDeckDiscard pileFieldFortHandResource zoneSideboard
Glossary AbilityAmbushAttackBattleBlockChooseCost
DamageDestroyDice (DragoshieldDragocross) ● DiscardDraw
EnduranceGameMulliganPlayStand and restSummonTurn
Keywords AssassinDeadlyFort BurstImmuneSiphon