Card Abilities
AUTO [DICE Red 1-4] When this creature attacks, choose an opposing creature. For this turn, this creature's attack must be blocked by that creature if able.
AUTO [DICE Red 3-6] When this creature is summoned, it gets "CONT When this creature deals damage to a fort, it deals 2 damage instead." for this turn.
AUTO Dragocross When this creature destroys a blocking creature in battle, deal 1 damage to the fort being attacked.
Booster Pack Vol. 2: Oath of Blood - (DB-BT02/073 - RR)
  • Flavor: One of the five elder dragons. It is unmatched in speed and destructive power.
  • Illust: Lius Lasahido

Booster Pack Vol. 2: Oath of Blood - (DB-BT02/S04 - SCR)

  • Flavor: The battlefield is its kingdom.
  • Illust: Lius Lasahido