Card Abilities
AUTO [DICE Black 1-4] When this creature attacks, choose a cost 2 or less creature from your discard pile, and return it to your hand.
AUTO [DICE Black 3-6] When this creature is summoned, your opponent discards all but one card from their hand.
AUTO Dragocross If your opponent has two or less cards in their hand, this creature cannot be blocked by creatures.
Booster Pack Vol. 2: Oath of Blood - (DB-BT02/097 - RR)
  • Flavor: One of the five elder dragons. It rampages on instinct, destroying everything in front of it without thought.
  • Illust: Dongjun Lu

Booster Pack Vol. 2: Oath of Blood - (DB-BT02/S05 - SCR)

  • Flavor: The realm is its arena.
  • Illust: Wisnu Tan