Card Abilities
AUTO When this creature is summoned, choose one of your forts, put up to two barriers from that fort into your resource zone, and for each card put into your resource zone, put a card from your resource zone on that fort as a barrier.
CONT DragocrossGreen If you have eight or more cards in your resource zone, this creature cannot be blocked by creatures.
Booster Pack Vol. 2: Oath of Blood - (DB-BT02/028 - R)
  • Flavor: All life is sacred and worth defending. Even the lives of her enemies.
  • Illust: Rayden Chen

Promos - (DB-PR/0033 - N/A)

  • Flavor: The flames of life will never extinguish as long as she has a say in it.
  • Illust: Masateru Ikeda