This wiki is still relatively new and doesn't have much information on the game itself, but for now let's focus on stuff that we can add.

Card Table Template Log:

3/20/2017- Created a very basic one, will add one that has the curves ;) 3/22/2017- Waiting for custom Javascript to be enabled.

Navigation Bars

Correct me if I am wrong, the Vanguard wiki enables its navigation bars to be collapsible and organized via the common.js page, so we can kinda borrow their code :P

I made the navigation templates for the booster pack and trial decks already. May have to edit them after the coding is set in place.

Completed Tasks

  • Logo
  • Site Background
  • Navigation Menu
  • Booster Packs/Trial Decks
  • Main Page
  • Categories

PS. It seems that most of the illustrators don't seem to have any online profiles..

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